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The value of the Yacht Broker when selling

Here are a few points about the benefit of using a Yacht Broker to sell your boat for you. If you want more information about a Yacht Broker, simply browse the listings in the Directory pages on this site. Each Yacht Broker is represented with a link to their own website and contact details.

  1. The professional approach

    The experience and expertise of a professional can achieve better, faster results when selling your boat. Apart from knowing about boats, Yacht Brokers increasingly extend their sales service to include features that cater for all aspects of selling your boat. Some Yacht Brokers offer value added service, like appraisals with a written report suggesting improvements or repairs to do, so a quick sale can be achieved for the maximum price. Others offer marketing strategies that include Exclusive Listing agreements, presenting your boat at Auction or advertising your boat to the overseas market.

    A Yacht Broker knows what buyers are looking for and will advise you on how to make your boat attractive to appeal to prospective buyers. Some brokers offer maintenance service and berthing of your boat at their marina location as part of the deal.

  2. Setting the price

    Undoubtedly, if anyone it will be the Yacht Broker who knows the best price achievable for a boat. Setting the price too high may keep an interested party away, setting it too low means losing out. Being a professional in the industry gives that 'insider knowledge' by being in touch with both parties, the seller and the buyer, and communication amongst piers.

  3. Negotiating skills

    The Yacht Broker acts as the agent between seller and buyer and is free of the 'emotional attachment'. He is selling just the boat and will negotiate on the basis of market value and price achievable.

  4. Access to advertising

    Yacht Brokers get better rates with advertisers because of it volume and repeat business. Many will advertise in prominent and popular media like Trade-A-Boat magazine and and may decide on large-size adverts that a private seller finds to expensive.

  5. Networking with other brokers

    Yacht Brokers may go into co-brokerage arrangements with other Yacht Brokers, which maximises exposure to buyers. When a Yacht Broker has a buyer but not the boat he will try to find it at another brokerage. For a boat sold by co-brokering, you don't have to pay more, but the Yacht Brokers will share the commission you have agreed to pay in the first place.

  6. Customer database

    Most Yacht Brokers maintain a customer database, contacts for who wants to buy what. Being able to bring together the seller and buyer in a time efficient way, means a sale can be achieved in a very short time.

  7. Access to BlueWater Boat Sales Data at

    All Yacht Brokers who advertise their boats for sale on have access to the BlueWater Boat Sales Data. This presents them with historic sales information that includes the type of boat, time on market until sold and the sales price.

  8. Saving time

    If your time is valuable or you simply haven't got the time to show the boat to interested buyers, the Yacht Broker will do it all for you. To be always available for enquiries and an inspection of the boat can be of real advantage. The Yacht Broker will also arrange all involved for a survey and attend a sea trial.

  9. Legal know-how

    Last but not least, the legal aspects when selling your boat are an important part of any sale. Professional Yacht Brokers understand all legal aspects of a sale, such as sales contract, ownership certificate, transfer of title, sales tax, import duties, foreign registrations and many operate trust accounts to hold deposit funds. If you consider buying your boat from a vendor in another country, such expertise is mostly a 'must have'.

  10. Being Internet savvy

    Yacht Brokers listed in the Directory operate in today's market place empowered by the latest Internet technologies. Whether it's just the use of email, receiving enquiries from buyers via their website on a 24/7 basis or delivering up-to-date detailed sales information via the Internet, Yacht Brokers who employ modern technology are capable of dispersing and receiving information faster resulting in better service and better results for their customers.

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